About the Journal

The main theme of the Conference is
Strengthening The Contribution of Data Science and Official Statistics To The Society in The Disruption Era

Conference Topics:
A. Data Science
   1. Machine Learning and Deep Learning
   2. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
   3. Data Mining and Big Data
   4. Statistical Software
   5. Information System development for Official Statistics
   6. Remote Sensing to strengthen Official Statistics
   7. Other data science relevant topics
B. Applied Statistics
   1. Applied Multivariate Analysis
   2. Applied Time Series Analysis
   3. Applied Spatial Statistics
   4. Applied Bayesian Statistics
   5. Microeconomics Modelling and Applications
   6. Macroeconomics Modelling and Applications
   7. Econometrics Modelling and Applications
   8. Quantitative Public Policy and Statistical Analysis
   9. Applied Statistics on Demography
   10. Applied Statistics on Population Studies
   11. Other applied statistics relevant topics
C. Official Statistics
   1. Official Statistics
   2. Survey Methodology developments
   3. Data Collection improvements
   4. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators estimation
   5. Small Area Estimation (SAE)
   6. Non Response and Imputation Methods
   7. Sampling Error and Non Sampling Error Evaluation
   8. Benchmarking Regional Official Statistics
   9. Other official statistics relevant topics