Analysis of Government Policy in Handling Covid-19 in Indonesia


  • Atika Kautsar Ilafi Statistics of Indonesia
  • Annisa Nur Fadhilah
  • Lita Jowanti



google mobility index, quartal GDP, LSTM, pearson correlation


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the economy in many countries, including Indonesia. Until July 2021, the Government has implemented social activity policies for the community, starting from Large-Scale Social Restrictions in the first semester of last year to PPKM Level 4 to stop the spread of Covid-19. Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Google released data from people who access google applications using mobile devices. The Google Mobility report shows changes in population activity and mobility in several locations. This study aims to examine the effect of the PSBB and PPKM policies in Indonesia on the decline in COVID-19 cases in Indonesia using the Google Mobility Index and their impact on the economy in Indonesia. The analysis uses graphs and Pearson Correlation and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) method to predict Covid-19 cases and mobility data. The result shows that the mobility of people to five places has a significant effect on the number of daily cases of Covid-19, while there is a significant effect on three places of community mobility on Indonesian economic. As the results, controlling the spread of Covid-19 is better prioritized than economic condition.




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Ilafi, A. K., Fadhilah, A. N. ., & Jowanti, L. (2022). Analysis of Government Policy in Handling Covid-19 in Indonesia. Proceedings of The International Conference on Data Science and Official Statistics, 2021(1), 498–506.